Thursday, 5 January 2012

What rhymes with Valentine's? Oh.

Ok I do appreciate that this is a fairly early post in relation to the time of year, but I'm sure that I am behind the times when it comes to doing Valentine's Day cards (as a maker of cards) especially as supermarkets already have Easter eggs on the shelves; still not sure why people are complaining about that, I have no issue with there being more chocolate available.
I've not darkened the door of any shops since just after Christmas when James and I went, in the dead of night,  to restock for the Chrimbo Limbo guests, so I can't say I have seen what is adorning the "Seasonal" aisles of Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Tesco or ASDA (other supermarkets are available). Facebook is a reliable reporter of such events, however, so I know that Christmas hadn't even been packed away before the next religious holiday was being packaged, presented and sold.

Doing a quick Etsy search I can see that I'm ok; there are minimal hearts, flowers and chubby cherubs being drafted into treasuries or featured on the front page. Even a search shows that while there are a good few relevant pages, most of them are gift ideas.
When I was making Christmas cards, I battled with myself over a theme, or something clever; I ended up doing some key days from The Twelve Days of Christmas which I really liked - there are still a few that I've done but will add to next year's cards.

Being stupidly head over heels in love makes it a little easier to make Valentine cards, yes yes, fetch the sick bucket, I know; however being the "funny one" to most of my friends throughout school allows me to channel the "Valentine's is for losers" ethic needed to create some "Down With Love" cards too.

I'll post a 2012 Valentine's card image later or tomorrow, but here's one from last year; the number of hearts relates to the message I wrote in them before colouring them; lame but kind of cute. This was done on the Brushes app on iPad, so isn't an HD image, but it means a lot to me.

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